Mehran Banaei is a freelance writer and author with a Masters Degree in Social Philosophy from York University. He has a keen interest in science and nature. He sees nature as the greatest educator in pursuit of enlightenment and sustainable enrichment. He postulates, if we take the time to carefully observe nature, we can learn and benefit a lot from its undeniable genius, and advocates that there is an Intelligent Designer behind it.

Mehran can be contacted at: mbanaei@yahoo.com.


One response to “About

  1. Fari borz

    Dear Mehran,
    I am proud of you for your lack of silence, proud of you for your pure and caring heart. Your love for purity that comes from our nature, the source of our existence, the undiscovered universe and galaxies, the human and true humanity that should only reflect the unbiased characteristics of where we came from, the true love that has no boundaries. If only a mili fraction of us humans see why you see and feel what you feel this world that we live in would be the heaven that we all wish for only if we could reflect who we really are instead of mirrors and reflections of deceit and hypocrisy in its true meaning. It is people like you that brings people like me out of the deep silence into a momentary volcanic fire that burns every cell in my body until it is silent again , cooled by cruel ocean of hate and deceit that saturates the air we breath…..
    All power to you, to the journey of truth
    Proud to know you as a friend

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